The Wick Works is a new and different concept in candles and home fragrance.
Please read below to learn what makes The Wick Works unique.

Enjoy a fun, engaging, interactive and creative Experience blending premium fragrance oils to make high-quality, customER-scented, soy-based candles and other home and body products tailored to your specific scent profile.

our scent wall with over 100 single-scented candles and Identify your favorites. Grab a clipboard and write down the 10-15 you love the best.

If you find one you love just the way it is, buy it.  All of our pre-made, single-scent candles are for sale and are made in-house.  You will not find a factory-made candle in our store.

a container for your candle from several different styles or bring in a special container* you own that you want to turn into a candle.

Besides candles, we also offer wax tarts, fragrance oils, reed diffusers, room sprays, body sprays, spa salts and goat's milk bar soaps.  All of these products can be scented your way too !

Be Creative
at our Fragrance Bar where our staff will review the scents on your clipboard and help you narrow down your favorites to 2-4 scents that work great together.  Are you looking to recreate a smell from your childhood, give a unique gift to someone special or make a candle for yourself to relax with in your home?  Our staff will help YOU create something special and one-of-a-kind.

the fragrance oils together to make your unique signature scent.

Do you like an apple pie candle that is heavy on the cinnamon and light on the nutmeg? No problem - You can craft it to smell just like the pie your grandma made on  Thanksgiving Day.

You want a candle that smells like Christmas - but it's July? No problem - Our candles never go out of season and are never discontinued, because you blend them from the raw fragrance oils. 

your blended oils into your container filled with molten wax and Stir to mix.  Our candles burn true-to-scent for their entire life.

From start to finish it takes about 20-30 minutes to choose scents and make a product.

We're Open - Come In And Make ScentsShop or
at the other fine merchants in Glenbrook Square while your candle cools (it take about 2 hours to cool) or have it delivered locally, or shipped anywhere in the US.

every time you light your candle with the satisfaction of knowing you didn't just buy it - YOU CREATED IT - just the way you like.

Tell Your Friends or better yet, Have a Party.  

See our Weddings and Parties pages to learn about other fun happenings at The Wick Works.

* Note: If you bring in your own container, it must be able to withstand the temperatures of the molten wax (170F).  Our staff will help you determine if it will work.