Private-Label, Wholesale, Fundraising

Business Owners, Professionals, Realtors, Philanthropies - Are you looking for a unique thank you gift for your clients/customers?  You can create a special candle that The Wick Works' staff will make on-demand to your scent recipe.  It will have your branding on the label.  We will be happy to ship it from our store directly to your clients for worry-free fulfillment.  Stop in the store or call us to learn how you can experience the benefits of private-label products.

Salons, Spas, Studios - Are you looking to make money selling candles or other home fragrance products with your business' signature scent and branding?  Our staff will make the products to your scent recipe and deliver or ship them to your place of business for you to resell.  Stop in the store or call us to learn about our wholesale opportunities.

Schools, Churches, Organizations - Are you looking for a sure-fire way to make money for your club or organization?  We offer excellent fundraising benefits on our single-scented candles.  If your organization is local to the Fort Wayne area, you can sell Pour-Your-Own coupons so your contributors can make a candle in our store and we will donate a portion of the sale to your cause. Stop in the store or call us to learn about our excellent fundraising options.