in Glenbrook Square !!!

The remodel of our new location is complete and we have reopened.
Scroll down to get a look back at our remodel progress.
To better serve our customers The Wick Works has relocated to a new location in Glenbrook Square between Rogers and Hollands jeweler and Justice clothing store - down the Macy's wing from the main mall intersection.  We don't have our store sign yet so just follow your nose to a store that smells great and looks like the photo below.

Our new store front

We are VERY excited about this location as we are moving to a regional mega-shopping center.  Glenbrook Square hosts over 12 million visitor per year from northeast Indiana, northwest Ohio and southern Michigan.  We will still have the local, personalized service our customer have come to know and love, but we will be able to share our experience and premium customER-scented products with many more people.
We have been absolutely amazed at the support we have received from our loyal customers while The Wick Works has been going through this relocation.  We have even had a couple of people call us and ask to buy gift cards and single-scent candles while we have been closed.  That is the epitome of trust and loyalty! Of course we said "yes" and made arrangements to get the products to them.
 Check out the remodel progress below.
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Remodel Progress

The Wick Works would like to thank the awesome crews from the following companies that did a outstanding job with our remodel:
General Contractor - Changed Unlimited LLC (260-710-4957)
Electrical Contractor - Fleetwood Inc/Jason Kilgus (260-413-7108)
Plumbing Contractor - NAR Plumbing LLC (260-224-9896)

This is a Google SketchUp image of what the store looked like at the start.

Original Store

This is a Google SketchUp image of what the new store will look like.  We are excited about gaining a sink in the retail space so we can eventually expand our product line to include lotions, hand soaps and other body care products.

SketchUp image

Aug 29 - The shelves on the west (Rogers) side of the store have been removed to the drywall (see before/after image).  The shelves on the east (Justice side have been primed (not shown)

day 1 Before/After

Sept 4 - Labor Day - The shelves that were removed have been hauled away.  The east wall is now painted and 40 shelves painted.  The electrician and plumber should start this week.  It is starting to come together.


Sept 7 - The fragrance wall is done and shelves are in place.  The rough electrical is done and waiting for inspection.

Sept 9 - The fragrance bar sections have been moved to the store.

Sept 17 - The walls are painted and the bar is in position, The fragrance oil shelves are up with the oil bottles.

The container wall is starting to get product.  The contractor needs to complete finishing touches.  We can't say yet when we will be open because the remodel has to be signed-off by inspectors, but if all goes as planned, we will be open soon.

Sept 21 - Product is starting to fill our shelves. We turned our wax melted on tonight. We are about a week away from opening. Finishing touches and inspections are all that's needed. EXCITED !!!

Sept 27 - Remodel is done. We had new employee training today.  All inspections are done except the final inspection and expect that tomorrow.

Sept 28 - We passed final inspection today.  We hope to get our certificate of occupancy tomorrow and be open this weekend.


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