Jars, Lids, Wicks and Such

The Wick Works is offering the following jars and miscellaneous items to partner stores at 20% off TCL prices.  If you are interested, please send us an email to thewickworks@gmail.com with what you want (quantity and item) and we will reply with the price.  If multiple partner stores are interested in the same item(s), the first email we receive will get the first opportunity.  Take everything not marked SALE PENDING and we'll sell it at 25% off.


Colored Squares - green (18) - SALE PENDING
Colored Squares - orange (11) - SALE PENDING
Colored Squares - pink (7) - SALE PENDING
Colored Squares - red (9) - SALE PENDING
Standard 2oz Jars - no lid (96) - SALE PENDING
Standard 2oz Lids (118) - SALE PENDING
Standard 4oz Jars - no lids (3)
Standard 4oz Lids (208)
Standard 8oz Jars - no lids (6)
Standard 8oz Lids (132) - SALE PENDING
Standard 16oz Lids (7)
Tea Lights - sets of 16 (3)
Tin 4oz with lid (1)
Tin 8oz with lid (31)
Tumbler Jar 8oz White (63)
Glass Lids - small (for Vibe) (40) - SALE PENDING
Glass Lids - medium (for Interlude, Status) (53) - SALE PENDING
8oz Mason Jars with lids (see photo below - not something TCL sells) (7)
8oz Tureen Jars with lids (see photo below - not something TCL sells) (7)
2oz Hex Jars with lids (see photo below - not something TCL sells) (19)


Bar Soap Molds (14)
Bar Soap Finishing Spray (1.25 bottles)
Body Mist/Room Spray Bottles (no pumps) (4)
Body Mist/Room Spray Base (32oz)
Reed Diffuser 4oz Jar Clear with 2 lids (4)
Reed Diffuser 4oz Jar Blue with 2 lids (2)
Reed Diffuser Reill Jars with lid (2)
Reed Stick Bundles of 10 - Black (3)
Reed Diffuser Black Caps (12)
Reed Diffuser Wooden Tops (33)
Fragrance Oil Jars with lid (2)
Fragrance Oil Jars without lid (9)
DPG (1 bottle)

Dave and Brian

8oz Mason

8oz Tureen

2oz Hex